Friday, May 16, 2008

writing is arrogance

And anyone who doesn't think so is just kidding themselves. Why would anyone assume that another person wants to read their story, unless they have some high-falutin' confidence floating around somewhere?

This is what I remind myself when something happens in the writerly world that makes me shake my head and wonder if someone got concussed when I wasn't looking, and now has amnesia about the dirty little things that happen in the publishing world.

See, I never forget anything, and a lot of times I never forgive. If you screw me, I don't smile at you later. Maybe that's arrogance, too. Or maybe there are folks out there who are bigger souls than I am.

In other news, I finally get more bullriding this weekend. Just one night, but I'm so hungry for something that has nothing to do with business that I can hardly stand it. I need my quota of cowboys and leather and bulls.

I wish I had something personal to add for those folks who actually, you know, read this to keep up with me, but I am having my period, so I have terrible cramps, rage, and a lot of whine, so I'll keep it to myself. I just need to go watch my boys