Friday, April 25, 2008

need to get off my ass and get moving

have gotten a good deal of work done, but not enough

need to work on promo, fix errors and get ready for BEA and SAS etc



Monday, April 21, 2008

home home home



RT post will come on the TQ blog, but it was far better than expected. Yeah. Much. Good to see Jern and Bean, too. Really good.

I missed my baby puppies so much, and they grew and grew in just a week

I have so much to do I'm kind of scared, but it looks better than it did last week

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the recent relative silence

Been busy

Been tired

been dreading Pittsburg, though mainly because I hate PA with a terrible passion. And because I know what will happen. Sigh. I'm tired. Tired of people who have had a good working relationship with us for years suddenly buying into the lies and bullying that are going around without once giving us the benefit of the doubt, without once asking. Because we're classy enough not to name names and make our own accusations. Because we simply refuse to sink to their level and call them out.

You can be sure there are a few people I can't wait to see at RT, just to kick them in the teeth and tell them to kiss my ass. The other people, well, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

This is why I haven't posted a lot. It's hard to find something positive to say. I really just want the whole con season to be over. I want to have people they tell me they love me without having to ask for it. I want more cowboys and less bullshit. I am not in the bullshit business, as someone's daddy says.

I'm just tired.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cowboys and bullfighters and pick up men oh my

God, I needed Albuquerque.

In fact, I'm a little grumpy that I had to come home.

I know that's horrible. but I'm at the point of vapor lock, you know?

At any rate, there was Chris Shivers on the plane, and Chris Shivers riding 3 bulls, 2 for 90+ point rides. There was some completely appropriate Chris touching with other cowboys that made me think inappropriate thoughts. I actually blushed once. Damn.

There was Adriano, who walked right by me with a big old smile on his face

Wylie Peterson was back, and looking healthy, and while I don't find him hot, I adore his sense of humor and miss his face when he's not around

Shorty Gorham broke a bone in his back after he got slammed the first night, and we all need to think good thoughts for him. It's only supposed keep him out 4 weeks, but it's never good.

We got to meet Frank Newsome's wife in Old Town, and she's a lovely woman with a down home voice that we just instinctively understood.

There was corny dogs and green chile stuffed sopapillas and banana splits.

There were good rides, a couple of bad spills, and lots of chatting with other fans.

All in all, I had a blast with S, and didn't get near enough work done. But it was worth it!

Oh, and did I squee when Chris got on the plane? Yes. Yes I did