Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cowboys and bullfighters and pick up men oh my

God, I needed Albuquerque.

In fact, I'm a little grumpy that I had to come home.

I know that's horrible. but I'm at the point of vapor lock, you know?

At any rate, there was Chris Shivers on the plane, and Chris Shivers riding 3 bulls, 2 for 90+ point rides. There was some completely appropriate Chris touching with other cowboys that made me think inappropriate thoughts. I actually blushed once. Damn.

There was Adriano, who walked right by me with a big old smile on his face

Wylie Peterson was back, and looking healthy, and while I don't find him hot, I adore his sense of humor and miss his face when he's not around

Shorty Gorham broke a bone in his back after he got slammed the first night, and we all need to think good thoughts for him. It's only supposed keep him out 4 weeks, but it's never good.

We got to meet Frank Newsome's wife in Old Town, and she's a lovely woman with a down home voice that we just instinctively understood.

There was corny dogs and green chile stuffed sopapillas and banana splits.

There were good rides, a couple of bad spills, and lots of chatting with other fans.

All in all, I had a blast with S, and didn't get near enough work done. But it was worth it!

Oh, and did I squee when Chris got on the plane? Yes. Yes I did


Auntie Pooh said...




Alex Draven said...

broken back and only planning to be out a month? Lord your guys are tough!

Glad to hear you had a fantastic time. (your squee is a good and happy thing in the world)

Jean said...

There is nothing horrible about being grumpy about a vacation being over. Seriously. :)

Ouch, Shorty. *sends good thoughts*

I can almost *see* you squeeing on the plane. LOL

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