Thursday, June 26, 2008

off to ALA

at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow

Apple fritters make me 10 years old again, going to Food World, where there was a kid's discount card. We would get free cookies, and dad would get an apple fritter the size of his head. Mom's think was always chocolate covered doughnuts or cake ones.

I'm getting tired. Need a break.

ALA ought to be exhausting but cool


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mash up

Some days, I think I ought to just go back to bed and hide from the world.

Some days it's hard to believe my eyes when I read stuff on the web

I know it shouldn't surprise me that people do what they do, and I also know that some major disappointments are the product of my own expectations of other people's behavior, which are destined to be a let down, but that makes it no easier to see what I perceive as a slight or an insult or just plain meanness

I'm trying to think of the good in a day where I've been up for less than 3 hours and had nothing, not one thing go right.

Okay, so maybe one thing. I have Miss Basset Hound Texas 2008 (no, not a real title) sleeping at my feet, letting me know she wants to be near me, that she loves me for more than just dog biscuits, and that I make her feel safe.

On a day where the nicest thing I can say about people is, well, at least they haven't poked me in the eye with a sharp stick in the actual, physical sense, then I turn to my dogs. At least they usually make me smile

In other news, I'm trying very hard not to grumble, and will just say that I can't wait to go see some real cowboys in Dallas weekend after this one. I'll have earned it after two grueling book expos. I need my fix, and TV isn't good enough

Argh. I'm all hormonal, which is why everything is all doom and gloom, and I know it. This doesn't mitigate the fact that I'm amazed at some folks, in that not happy way


maybe I'll nap with the babies...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kind of pooped

got a lot to do. Behind on everything, including promo.

need to do a BEA write up for the business blog, but informally? I think it went well.

Glad to have a weekend off, even if I can't believe it's already Wednesday.

I have a lot of word count to get in, as well as data entry from hell

someone send an extra pair of hands

speaking of hands, been watching X Files and Buffy marathons of late, and David Duchovny, James Marsters, Gillian Anderson, and Marc Blucas have very pretty hands. Sarah Michelle Gellar, while I quite like her, has UGLY hands. Seriously. Look at them sometime. I notice hands. I like men's generally, though, and rarely notice the girls' unless they're not attractive... Mine are kind of big and ham-like... ;)

Okay, back to work...