Saturday, December 27, 2008

cramping like a mad thing

crazy hormonal

Christmas was grand, though, and I am starting to make inroads on cleaning things up, literally and figuratively

still knitting. this is a kind of triumph for me, as I am the queen of starting and not finishing things. I have managed to finish kind of an astonishing number of things.


tired now


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's that day again

yep. My mom's birthday. I still miss her every day.

This year I want to remember the good things.

She loved german chocolate cake and would pout if she didn't get the cherry

she always wanted to wait to decorate for Christmas until the 18th, just so she could have her birthday. Blair and I still feel a little guilty when we put stuff up earlier

I got her a flannel shirt every year. Blue and green, red and black, obscene green with yellow stripes. She loved her flannel shirts, and was actually tickled every year when she could break them out of the closet

she would sit and whittle for hours, More cigarette dangling out of her mouth, the dog at her feet. I still smile when I think of it

she loved ridiculous movies of the week, spy novels, horror books and Twinkies

she could take a piece of wood and know what it wanted to be, then carve it into that thing

she told stories with love, the same way every time, no extra embellishment. she was very much an oral historian, and I miss her voice and her face

I love you mom. Happy birthday

Monday, December 15, 2008

gratitude and maybe a lesson

so over on LJ I'm seeing someone scoffing at what some folks think is good holiday fun

I thought, jeez, how frickin' judgmental. Good lesson on how to be less so myself ;)

today I am grateful for:

big Christmas light displays

even bigger christmas light displays

christmas knitting is done

I can wait on the story and do it right


Friday, December 12, 2008


still having tummy woes

fixing to start doing eliminations to see what's going on. Talked to dad, who reminded me that he and both his sisters have/had lactose intolerance. The symptoms very well could be that. We'll see

Man, I need to just... get over myself

today I'm grateful for:

clean sheets

cleaning out emails

soft TP


glow-y trees

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a little down

thanks to the body doing some sort of autoimmune thing. Things have been so much better that when something blindsides me like this, I get growly. I don't want to do a damned elimination diet, you know? I wish I could blame it on cross-contamination with peanuts, but this is looking way more like milk or wheat...

Sighs. I know, it's good for my health to know this stuff. I know I'm healthier and happier. But every so often, I resent giving up everything that's remotely naughty.

Am I sounding like a broken record?

It's hot. We have another norther coming through this afternoon, which is good, as I'm just sweaty and gross


I am grateful for

my purple hair back

the pictures we bought in Cheyenne

bassets who want to play with the christmas tree

that said bassets are now sleeping

soy milk

Sunday, December 7, 2008

it's starting to look like Christmas

the house has lots of trees. A pink mini tree. A silver mini tree with purple balls. A wee green tree with bright lights. And a 6 foot white tree that has the most amazing GLOW.

there's a light up penguin and a light up tree, and a bunch of fun lights still waiting to go up.

we'll break all sorts of breakers ;)

today I am grateful for:

mushrooms and polenta

Buffy marathons

felting yarn

Christmas lights

iced tea

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I missed yesterday again

can we have bi-daily gratitude?


I got up at 8, after going to bed at 3. Since the going to bed at 3 is my own fault, I am not terribly bitchy that the babies woke me at 8, as they used to wake up at 6, and insist I get up, too. I have high hopes that someday they will be like Shadow and Lil, and allow us to sleep in if we get t0o bed late late

so, for mostly yesterday, I am grateful for:

Shawn's pie

Shawn reminding me that my foul mood last night was probably due to my sugars (dadburn it, I liked that pie, and I need a new battery in my glucometer)

knitted dishtowels

sleeping puppies

the edit of doom is done, and the books are up, so I can relax a bit today and clean house

Thursday, December 4, 2008

today has been wet

at least in the garage

we hope it's fixed

so, in that vein, I'm grateful for:

vise grips

learning to make a Spanish tortilla and having a taste of Spain at home

howling hounds


the pit bull, who thought my Spanish tortilla was the best thing since bacon

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

today is early yet

but i'm willing to go on a little faith


what I'm grateful for today:

making decisions

big. blue ribbon yarn

new fridges

long term plans of joy

christmas packages ready to go out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

missed yesterday again

wait. can you miss yesterday again? You can only miss a day once...

Had great fun running errands yesterday. We bought tamales and spices, went to the Whole Foods to get chocolate and had the spiciest calzone ever, and went with S to her Dr. appt. She's good. Real good. Yay

Things I'm grateful for today

S looks good she feels fine


trying hard to get rid of the people who are great sucking holes of negativity in my life

cowboy line drawings

the shepherd dog of "why are you crying, I love you, love me back, hello!"