Saturday, December 6, 2008

I missed yesterday again

can we have bi-daily gratitude?


I got up at 8, after going to bed at 3. Since the going to bed at 3 is my own fault, I am not terribly bitchy that the babies woke me at 8, as they used to wake up at 6, and insist I get up, too. I have high hopes that someday they will be like Shadow and Lil, and allow us to sleep in if we get t0o bed late late

so, for mostly yesterday, I am grateful for:

Shawn's pie

Shawn reminding me that my foul mood last night was probably due to my sugars (dadburn it, I liked that pie, and I need a new battery in my glucometer)

knitted dishtowels

sleeping puppies

the edit of doom is done, and the books are up, so I can relax a bit today and clean house

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