Monday, October 22, 2007

too early

had an ant explosion last night out in the garage and by the trashcan. Ack. Hosed them down, sprayed the garage, went to bed

there's a cold cold rain out there this am. And after less that 4 hours of sleep I'm not ready to face it. I think I need to go curl up and snooze just a wee bit more

I have to make a food run today, which is always fun in the changing weather ;) 90 yesterday, today we'll be lucky to make 70. **edit. it's 55 out there folks) The wind shifted down from the north, which means it's officially fall, and y'all can go ahead and laugh, those of you who are in the colder climes, but for us, it's a shock to the system ;)

Ponders a pancake run

Man, my water tastes nasty. Nasty nasty

Remind me to buy some bottled water at the store. It's been helping, that whole water thing, but it's not a natural thing for me ;)



however, we did manage to re-write the Sound of Music to be the Sound of Zombies, with each song edited accordingly....

Friday, October 19, 2007


I need a late night wal mart run.

I do have a scarf half done, an edit half done, and a ton of shit to do...

the pork roast L did on the grill was stunning

my dad called to make sure I wasn't dead as I'm holing out here


so you think you can dance reruns rock

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my head is going to explode

the weather is trying to be fall but it can't quite decide

my head is killing me

but I saw a blue heron today, I have chocolate, George Strait and Gordon Ramsey, and I have the bird family and dogs...

life is good

Monday, October 15, 2007

my boys

It's time for a fangirl squee

My boy, Mike White, won Columbus! After getting tromped on in the first round. This man is the hard luck kid, and I am *tickled* to see him do well. I adore him, from his pretty blue-gray eyes to his amazing butt to his sweet, soft spoken ways that belie the devil in his eye when he smiles. Go Mighty Mike

and then!

Guilherme came in second, which makes me bounce, and he danced. Oh, the hips of Guilherme. Uhn

Paulo rode two, and he danced and picked Flint right up off the ground and made my eyes buggy when he was laughing with Guilherme

and then...

Justin McBride rode the bounty bull for a 93 point score. Scene of the Crash? Meet Justin. The man who can ride anything. Uhn

The best part? 2 weeks, baybee. I get to see them all in 2 weeks

Friday, October 12, 2007

sick as a dog and tired of defending myself

so sick we're skipping tim...

lord, what is the world coming to?

Maybe it's because I'm puking and running from the other end and my kidneys are backing up and my joints are so swollen I can hardly type, but I'm pissed off

really, deeply, tired of defending my life and my choices pissed off.

which means I need to go away from the net for the afternoon and put out some word count

after I drink another bottle of pepto



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pondering gratitude

so, the only downside to the whole Mexican vacation? The people. Oh, not the very happy and loving life Mexican folks, and not the majority of the resort guests. The people in our tour group.

They were nasty. They bitched constantly. If it wasn't that the concerts (note the *plural*) were too short, it was that the floors were wet (we were at the beach!) or that the only food available at 3am was hamburgers (they had a *24 Hour* hamburger stand, y'all!) or that the concert artists didn't want to *gasp* hang out with them and get blind drunk until all hours of the night.

Now. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I should have higher expectations or something.

But you know, when I can go to Mexico and hang out at the beach for 3 days, I'm HAPPY. I don't need to be entertained. I mean, God knows they had free entertainment out the wazoo, over and above our own private concerts. They had fire dancers and cheesy vegas style shows and huge pools and a private beach...


What have people got to bitch about here?

We were talking about the sense of ownership and entitlement these fans had toward the artists, and about how creepy it made anything remotely meet and greet with the artists. Maybe it's because on a much smaller scale, I get that now, too, with people emailing me and demanding more of a story, or asking me to write something just for them. S0 maybe that's part of it. Maybe they just don't know that there is a line. You have a public eye job, you're giving up some of your privacy, I've never denied that. But it's still a job, and you should be able to get away from it to have supper or go to the bathroom ;)

I think I'll end on some good things...

I am no longer feeling like Montezuma hates me and wants revenge

I'm getting work done, slow but sure

I've been up before 9 two days in a row. Seeing as how I was insomnia girl before we left for vacation, going to bed at 2 and up at 8 is far better than bed at 5 up at 11 ;)

I have an appt to get new glasses. I want the same ones I have, as I love them, but I get to get sunglasses!

okay, back to work

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

mexico might be my new favorite thing

Well, all inclusive resort mexico, anyway. I didn't see a lot of anything else.

I slept for 3 days. Slept and ate and went to the swim up bar.

This was a good thing, as the constant bombardment lately had left me with a very bad case of "I quit"

admittedly, I am so far behind I will never die. But still, I'm working and I'm feeling better and I was up before 9, which tells me I've done good on the sleep. yay

I need to get my shit together ;)

but I'm working


Monday, October 1, 2007


send new kidneys


cowboys who like girls like me. hey it's not that much of an oxymoron

or whatever

man i'm tired