Monday, October 22, 2007

too early

had an ant explosion last night out in the garage and by the trashcan. Ack. Hosed them down, sprayed the garage, went to bed

there's a cold cold rain out there this am. And after less that 4 hours of sleep I'm not ready to face it. I think I need to go curl up and snooze just a wee bit more

I have to make a food run today, which is always fun in the changing weather ;) 90 yesterday, today we'll be lucky to make 70. **edit. it's 55 out there folks) The wind shifted down from the north, which means it's officially fall, and y'all can go ahead and laugh, those of you who are in the colder climes, but for us, it's a shock to the system ;)

Ponders a pancake run

Man, my water tastes nasty. Nasty nasty

Remind me to buy some bottled water at the store. It's been helping, that whole water thing, but it's not a natural thing for me ;)



however, we did manage to re-write the Sound of Music to be the Sound of Zombies, with each song edited accordingly....


A said...

LOL on the Sound of Zombies!

The water is a hard thing to do, I totally agree. I found that buying bottled water made a difference. It's silly that it does, but it does. I found I like the taste of the Daisani the best, so I'll buy a case of 12 liter bottles (or whatever size) and then it's like taking a pop, only it's water. It's a good way to jump start me and get me back into the habit of drinking water whenever I fall out of it.

Alternatively, have you considered a britta filter? Either to go directly on your water tap or with a pitcher to sit in your fridge? It definitely changes the taste of the water, although mines not really nasty to start with so I don't know how much better it would make something that's coming from a really low starting point.

Anyway, now I'm just rambling.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaapppps are goooooooooooooood....

P! (not A, P -- I don't konw why it thinks I'm A...)

Jean said...

Dude, it was 82 here. You southerners get to laugh at us this time. This "colde clime", ain't.

Don't forget to buy bottled water. ;-)

Alex Draven said...

Sound of Zombies sounds awesome :D

The water trick for me was to make it fizzy, but as Soda Stream screwed me on the refill canisters, and Pink Drink is cheaper than cheap sparkling water i'm currently recording a fail in that column - you can do better!