Friday, October 12, 2007

sick as a dog and tired of defending myself

so sick we're skipping tim...

lord, what is the world coming to?

Maybe it's because I'm puking and running from the other end and my kidneys are backing up and my joints are so swollen I can hardly type, but I'm pissed off

really, deeply, tired of defending my life and my choices pissed off.

which means I need to go away from the net for the afternoon and put out some word count

after I drink another bottle of pepto




B said...

God, not you too. :((

And what the HELL is going on these days with everyone being so awful?

I'm going to just hide and do my thing. Yes.

I hope you and S feel much much better very, very soon. :(

C.Potts said...

Point me at them and let me jump on them.

Trust me, I'm in a mood. It'll be a marvel to behold.

Jean said...

...the hell?

I'm with B, seems like people are being so horrid lately.

Feel better, honey. I'm sorry y'all are missing Tim. :(


Mabiana said...


Alex Draven said...

not that there's ever a good time for being sick like a dog, but a weekend when there should have been Tim is certainly not it. *sends hydration fluids*

Hope you're feeling better soon, and that some of the stress leaves with the sick.