Monday, October 15, 2007

my boys

It's time for a fangirl squee

My boy, Mike White, won Columbus! After getting tromped on in the first round. This man is the hard luck kid, and I am *tickled* to see him do well. I adore him, from his pretty blue-gray eyes to his amazing butt to his sweet, soft spoken ways that belie the devil in his eye when he smiles. Go Mighty Mike

and then!

Guilherme came in second, which makes me bounce, and he danced. Oh, the hips of Guilherme. Uhn

Paulo rode two, and he danced and picked Flint right up off the ground and made my eyes buggy when he was laughing with Guilherme

and then...

Justin McBride rode the bounty bull for a 93 point score. Scene of the Crash? Meet Justin. The man who can ride anything. Uhn

The best part? 2 weeks, baybee. I get to see them all in 2 weeks


Jean said...

$200K? Holy crap! Cool.

Auntie Pooh said...

11 days.





The boys of joy.

(by god, we *will* feel well enough to squeal)