Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's that day again

yep. My mom's birthday. I still miss her every day.

This year I want to remember the good things.

She loved german chocolate cake and would pout if she didn't get the cherry

she always wanted to wait to decorate for Christmas until the 18th, just so she could have her birthday. Blair and I still feel a little guilty when we put stuff up earlier

I got her a flannel shirt every year. Blue and green, red and black, obscene green with yellow stripes. She loved her flannel shirts, and was actually tickled every year when she could break them out of the closet

she would sit and whittle for hours, More cigarette dangling out of her mouth, the dog at her feet. I still smile when I think of it

she loved ridiculous movies of the week, spy novels, horror books and Twinkies

she could take a piece of wood and know what it wanted to be, then carve it into that thing

she told stories with love, the same way every time, no extra embellishment. she was very much an oral historian, and I miss her voice and her face

I love you mom. Happy birthday


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Auntie Pooh said...

happy birthday to Mom!
happy birthday to Mom!
happy birthday dear Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om!
happy birthday to Mom!