Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mash up

Some days, I think I ought to just go back to bed and hide from the world.

Some days it's hard to believe my eyes when I read stuff on the web

I know it shouldn't surprise me that people do what they do, and I also know that some major disappointments are the product of my own expectations of other people's behavior, which are destined to be a let down, but that makes it no easier to see what I perceive as a slight or an insult or just plain meanness

I'm trying to think of the good in a day where I've been up for less than 3 hours and had nothing, not one thing go right.

Okay, so maybe one thing. I have Miss Basset Hound Texas 2008 (no, not a real title) sleeping at my feet, letting me know she wants to be near me, that she loves me for more than just dog biscuits, and that I make her feel safe.

On a day where the nicest thing I can say about people is, well, at least they haven't poked me in the eye with a sharp stick in the actual, physical sense, then I turn to my dogs. At least they usually make me smile

In other news, I'm trying very hard not to grumble, and will just say that I can't wait to go see some real cowboys in Dallas weekend after this one. I'll have earned it after two grueling book expos. I need my fix, and TV isn't good enough

Argh. I'm all hormonal, which is why everything is all doom and gloom, and I know it. This doesn't mitigate the fact that I'm amazed at some folks, in that not happy way


maybe I'll nap with the babies...


B said...


I have no idea who or what, but I'll stomp 'em for you.

Mychael Black said...


Alex Draven said...

**hand squeezes**

Hurray for puppies - sometimes a small purring cat is the only thing that makes my world fit to exist, so I hear you on that one.

Jean said...

What can I say? People suck.

The good news is that a few people don't.


Mabiana said...

Belated *hugs*