Friday, February 1, 2008

incredibly frustrated

I hate tax time. Hate it with a fiery burning passion. This is the first year I've done it on quickbooks, and while it made some things easier, I (and the accountant) made some mistakes setting it up that didn't cost money, but cost me time in a big way. What's most frustrating it not actually waiting on people to get me their information, or running a gazillion reports or stuffing envelopes. What's frustrating is that I know I put it off because I dreaded it, and then I had to just get it done.

Other things have fallen by the wayside, though, and that makes me even more growly. I have so much catch up work to do that I'm cross-eyed, and if one more person emails me about where this or that is, I'm going to fall over in a paroxysm of rage, foaming at the mouth. I know it's my job, but tonight I don't feel like I can take much more.

The dogs don't want to go out in the cold, and the puppies have reverted to peeing by the back door...

I have deadlines that I can't possibly hit, because people have missed their deadlines, but I'm supposed to be nice and tell them that's okay. I'm kind of sick of having to be nice. Maybe I should just be a bitch and say, hey, I wouldn't be late if I didn't have to write 30,000 unexpected words...

I have to do laundry


the reason puppies are so cute when they sleep? Is so you don't kill them when they pee on the floor

everyone needs a basset hound


C.Potts said...

Hands you the whiskey from my accounting stash. Don't drink it all at once or it will ruin the accounting career.

Alex Draven said...

there was a lady with the cutest little wee hound puppy in the vets this morning - I thought of you and your puppies.

(The slogan of the revenue office over her is 'tax doesn't have to be taxing' - I'm pretty sure they're wrong.)

Jean said...

Taxes suck.

Can I help with the wordcount at all? I'll have time in about a week.