Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been down a bit lately. For various reasons. Hormones (this whole peri-menopause thing can go fuck itself), family things, doing royalties (which always depresses me, because it reminds me what assholes people can be)

So I've been pondering. I know I've been trying to blog gratitude, but today is a day for things that make me go hmm...

The cowboy way? Used to be to police your own. Not fine someone 7500.00 for throwing a facemask or force someone to wear a helmet to ride roughstock. Whenever someone cites the cowboy code as a reason for doing ridiculous shit like that, especially someone I used to think of as the best all-around cowboy who ever lived? Well, it's the end of an era, and it makes me sad

I've also been pondering why meeting me and Shawn in person seems to be the kiss of death lately. We've always joked that once you meet us and see that we are what we are, you either love us or hate us, but that wasn't a challenge to the universe. It really wasn't. We weren't asking to turn people off just by existing. And no, this isn't a woe is me, no one loves me. I know I'm loved. This is a how can a good working relationship go bad just by meeting someone at a con?

Why is a venti soy latte so yummy?

Why is it that people with agendas seek us out? And what is it that Yankees can't understand about an explicit explanation of the way things happen? Why is that they feel the need to "help everyone else understand" by asking questions that are designed to be leading and insulting, thus proving that they're passive agressive pussies, who can't just come out and say what they think to your face?


Right now I really need to concentrate on ALA, the Denver Stock show, and the thought of some gluten free pizza at Beau Jos


Chris said...

I'm so over people. I just am. God.


Jean said...

Sorry about the Yankee. I'm probably close by and have been known to pack a mean a passive-aggressive punch. I'm free this evening, shall I drive over? ;-)

I've been fighting hormones all winter, too. They suck.


Mychael Black said...

*hugs tight* Well, I sure love y'all. And we really need to do lunch sometime again. Some of the most fun I've ever had. :D

As for other people... *points up* I'm with Chris on that one.