Monday, August 6, 2007

am I a weenie?

sure I am. I hate calling people. I hate asking to do things for me, even if they're getting paid to do it.

I hate HVAC units. I want my swamp cooler back. Sadly it won't work here, but I could do maintenance on that myself, lalala

how can my printer be out of ink already? I need to get the laser printer hooked up. But there's this whole fax machine thing and where do I put that thing...


Anyway, my wrist is killing me and I want chocolate

send help


Jean said...

*sends chocolate, ink, a beautiful male masseuse, and a kit to turn your office into the tardis*

*decides to keep the masseuse* ;-)


Alex Draven said...

I would os much rathr phone someone to sort out a *specific thing* than just to chat, for, lo, I am weird.

*sends love*