Thursday, August 9, 2007

now that I have snarled

I need to remember the good that it is to be me

I have my own company. This allows people to bitch at me, yes, but it allows me to go see bullriding at will and to do what I love and to see tim and and and

I am a bullrider fangirl. There. I said it. But when faced with this

how could I not be?

I mean. Look at Guilherme's arms. Jesus. And he's not even the prettiest of my obsessions. Don't tell me he's too hairy. Don't harsh my mellow. I *like* the fuzz

then there's the writing

Yes, I am having a slump. Yes, people have been more critical than happy of late. But I get to make a living making fantasy. Creating worlds. It doesn't get any better than that.

And hey, it lets me go to the zoo and see humping rhinos

And a certain rodeo clown in his boxer briefs

a certain bullrider coming down an escalator with his leg propped on the rail, making his jeans strrreeeeetch

I have a house, a car of cuteness, an old car that needs some love, the best friends on earth, books aplenty and lots of rodeo and fair food

life is good

I need reminding sometimes, is all

and chocolate


Jean said...

Arms... Dude. O.O


Julia said...


Mabiana said...

I like the fuzz, too. :-)

(And I have created an account to be able to post this very meaningful comment... *g*)