Thursday, November 8, 2007

some rodeo facts

Just in case someone wants to write accurate rodeo stuff

Cheyenne is the biggest outdoor rodeo in the US with a 3-4 hour long rodeo *every* day while it lasts. Day. Not night. Nighttime is reserved for concerts and PBR performances

The IHOP in Cheyenne closes at midnight. There is no nightlife there. The town has maybe 50000 people, and sits in the flat prairie north of Denver. There's nothing out there ;)

Denver is the biggest indoor dedicated rodeo arena in the US, while Fort Worth is the *oldest* indoor rodeo, and the biggest stock show. Houston probably has the biggest facility, but that's because it's held in a regular sports and entertainment arena.

There are major stock shows in Ft Worth (not Dallas) Houston and San Antonio, Denver, Rapid City SD, Phoenix, and many more. These are not the only rodeos around. They're just the big arenas. The stock show season tends to run from January to March, or September to October, when they're in conjunction with the major state fairs.

The small town rodeo season runs mainly from May through August, with most of them clustered around July 4. There's a difference between PRCA, ranch rodeo, youth rodeo, a Mexican rodeo and say, PBR.

Cowboys come in all shapes and sizes. They come from Brazil and Argentina, from Australia to Canada. In the US they come from Texas and Oklahoma, from Nebraska and Idaho and Montana, from California and Wyoming and Florida. New Mexico, Arizona. Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Hell, they can come from anywhere, but I've seen 2 in my whole life who came from New York ;)

Grins. It's frustrating for anyone to see their culture co-oped, I know. But it's even more frustrating when it's *wrong*


Alex Draven said...

and these are all reasons why I have an ever increasing file of bookmarks for one area of my job ...

L said...

heee. nods. you should see my collection of online maps and "city facts" for australia, new zealand, canada and GB

Jean said...

I have never met a cowboy from New York. One of two from New Hampshire, and a couple of wanna be's here in horse country in NJ...

*resolves never to write a rodeo novel without chcking with you first* ;-)