Saturday, September 20, 2008

I know I'm being cryptic

mainly my worries are health related. All of this new eating plan, exercise shit I've been doing, all of the quitting smoking etc, is supposed to make me fell better. Instead I have new allergies, new sensitivities and what appears to be episodes of gout. If it's not gout, it sure does look like it. Swollen, hot joints, low grade fever, kidney aches, severely swollen lymph nodes...


I know there are worse things out there. Hell, I live with someone who has had the most painful non-fatal disease known to man. And every time I get weepy I tell myself to shut the fuck up, that I could be in a damp jail cell in some third world country waiting to die or some shit.


I'm bored now. Yeah. I feel better thanks to Aleve and pineapple, of all things. Not to mention judicious application of Weird Al. The Alternative Polka makes me cackle. It improves my mood vastly, makes me wonder why I'm being a butthead.

Woo. Go weird Al and walking the bassets


Chris said...

Part it might still be crap working its way out of your system. Quitting smoking is a promise of feeling like shit for a few weeks or a month (I hit a year in two weeks! o.O !! ) and I'm SURE that some of the bad food stuff getting out of your body will take a while, too.

Here's to FINALLY feeling healthy in October!



Mychael Black said...

*hugs tight*

And hell yes on Weird Al. He makes the world go round.

Jean said...

I was going to say the same thing B did. Sometimes on the way to feeling better, while you're "detoxing" you can actually feel worse. Not to mention all the emotional crap that goes along with giving up something like smoking.

Hang in there.