Monday, September 28, 2009

completely overwhelmed today

feeling completely overwhelmed and out of control. I think I may be losing it. Weepy, whiny, and not terribly thrilled with myself. I have no idea what's going on, except that I went on a sugar bender yesterday, and now I feel like crap.

I'm just at this place where I feel like I'm always ten steps behind, literally and figuratively. I can't catch up, catch my breath, or get my head on straight.


Chris said...

Just because it's what I have and therefore it's what I'm telling EVERYONE --

Take a look at pmdd and see if it could be you, honey. You have always, always had a tough time with hormones and it wouldn't shock me at all.

I'm very optimistic about my treatment, for what it's worth. I was only Crazy Lady for one day last month as opposed to a sold week, and I have hopes for this month as well. This is my PMS week and I haven't had ANY meltdowns yet.


Mabiana said...


Miss Alice said...

sugar hangovers *suck*, don't they? (If only getting back on the bandwagon was easier)

Here's to moments of goodness, and remembering all the millions of things you *have* done today.