Saturday, September 26, 2009

still alive

been pondering the blog as performance art versus the blog as a place to record thoughts.

Decided to say screw it and blog anyway

Basset hounds. I've been pondering that, too, since I started reading the Pioneer Woman.

She has one. We have two, and have had a total of three. Bassets are challenging, but utterly rewarding dogs. This morning, Sadie is more of a challenge than a reward. We were out for several hours last night at the George Strait concert, and she's barky and needy today.

Obstinate dog.

Seconds later, she is sound asleep, having achieved her goal of moving her bubba out of her bed and convincing him to give up his rawhide.

Life would be so much simpler if everyone was that easy to please. From screaming harpy to sleeping, drooling contentment in 5.0 seconds

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