Friday, September 7, 2007

asking for help and other nightmares

I'm not given to asking for help.

I don't like it, not because I think it weakens me, but because I just hate dealing with people and would rather look shit up myself/do it myself/not bother someone.

Last night I finally gave in and asked for help.

I'd like to say that it eased my mind, but it didn't.

I tossed and turned all night and couldn't sleep.

I know what I need to do. And I started on the path to doing it. But it scares me silly.

On the other side, I also reached out a little, admitting that I've been losing touch with someone, which felt good. That wasn't what kept me awake ;)

I'm not good at going outside my comfort zone, which I know seems odd, considering.

In other news, I want a KitchenAid mixer...


B said...

I have one. it's red.

I suck at asking for help. and saying no. and generally being a good person. I suck at doing what I'm supposed to and I'm far too good at staring into space.

In other news, I wanna sit and jabber at you. You're cool.

lccowgirl said...

lol. hugs. I get how you feel, though I think it doesn't make us bad people, just a little nuts...

Jean said...

I have one. It's blue. ;-)

I am no good at asking for help either. I'm great at being asked, and can generally manage the whole saying "no" issue if I need to, but asking? Not so good at it.

I also have hugs.


Mabiana said...

I hardly ask for help either, for pretty much the same reasons. I don't want to put upon anyone and will rather go through much more trouble or spend money on hiring someone - or just do without whatever it is.