Tuesday, September 18, 2007


tired of writing. I've done 8000 words in 2 days while keeping up with the day job.

tired of negotiating. I'm not one who sees everything as a challenge, as something to be dissected, and my momma always told me life wasn't fair. The expectation that all things have to be argued instead of accepted exhausts me. And someone looking at me and saying, "You can't expect me to do blah" makes my head explode. Why not, when whoever you are, you expect me to drop everything to do for you...

tired of the assumption that I don't work. I may always be behind, and I may be scattered, but I work harder than I play, believe it or not

on the good side, we've had a couple of fun food days, and I have trent and tim to look froward to... not to mention cowboys. O.O

Justin won his *8th* event, and Fox fucked up and didn't show it when they were supposed to, and I MISSED IT. *pouts mightily*

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Jean said...

Gah. I did that over labor day weekend. I wrote 9K in two days. That, plus the day job and playing mommy and I was toast.

Y'all work harder than anyone I know.