Saturday, December 1, 2007

adventures in holiday cooking

Shawn and I did Thanksgiving at her daddy's.

Grins. We made baked beans and squash casserole, sweet potatoes and layer salad. 3 pumpkin pies and a pecan pie. we did not set anything on fire, and her daddy did the ham out on the grill so the turkey could have the oven...

It was all yummy, and it all went fast

My dad went to the bros, and he said all went well, despite the SIL leaving the plastic on the turkey o.O

We have a list of cookies to make that's a mile long, but we figure on doing one a day...

keep an eye out for disasters and successes


Alex Draven said...

sounds like quite the menu :D

Did I wave my favourite xmas cookie recipe at you, or are the cinnamon cranberry ones too simple for the Grand Plan?

Julia said...

cinnamon cranberry?

Jean said... do you leave the plastic on the turkey? lol

I have 1621951203 cookies to make, too. I start this weekend.