Wednesday, December 26, 2007

once in awhile

things go incredibly right.

It was a Christmas of cookies and puppies, of playing games (Oh, y'all, I got this PBR bullrider tiddly winks game, where you fling bullriders off bulls' backs) and sitting around eating until I was so full I thought I'd burst.

Christmas eve we made a big old quadruple batch of cookie dough, then handed out the chips. Cappucino and chocolate, cherry chips and peppermint, white chocolate and peanut butter. We had toffee bits and caramel bits, nuts and maraschino cherries. Everyone made a batch of whatever struck their fancy, and man, the Bird hubby made some amazing combinations.

We went out to look at Christmas lights and there was a yard that was all done up *and* the lights flashed in time to an all Christmas radio station that you could tune to... Dude, he wins

Christmas morning there were presents and coffee, and I got magnetic poetry in romance, western and mystery. Now when I'm stuck for a story, I can go make random messes until something strikes. We had eggs and sausage and lazed about and just played. We had to make a late night run to the store, and it made me laugh and think about Robert Earl Keen (listen here: ) Hell, that whole song could be us...

All in all, it was the best Christmas in years ;) Happy New Year, y'all


Alex Draven said...

*beams* - that's very good to hear.

(The bullrider flipping game sounds like a lot of fun :D)

Auntie Pooh said...


Send somebody to the Stop and Go! We need some ice and an extension cord.


It was a rockin' holiday, huh? (And bullriding starts in TWO DAYS!)

Jean said...


The bullrider game sounds hysterical. Madison Square Garden on the 5th! My first PBR event EVER. *dances* We're going with a couple of transplanted Texas cowboys. Should be a hoot. Can't wait.