Saturday, December 15, 2007

rage, cookies, etc etc

I have a lot of rage lately. Not of the specific kind, just of the I hate the politics in the world way. Suffice to say, I think some folks have been very shabbily treated of late, by an organization that touts itself as promoting the one thing they mostly run down, and I figure at least one author deserves a serious apology...


not to mention the spin expert who always makes it seem like someone sent an engraved invitation to do some amazing thing when it was the spin expert who made the call and asked to do it, then mis-represented...


My problem is I hate games. I admit, I get defensive at the drop of a hat these days, because it seems like there's an agenda or not so well hidden criticism behind everything. There always seems to be, if not someone better at it than I am, then someone who is better at making other folks believe it, and it just makes my head throb.

On the good side, we made time for cookies last night. Peanut butter kiss cookies and snickerdoodles. Oh, y'all. Both so good

So, I guess I just need to get back to doing what I do and ignore what other people are saying/doing/acting like they do...





Jean said...

For some reason, people seem to suck more at this time of year than usual, too.


Mabiana said...

*pets carefully*