Thursday, March 6, 2008

running around madly

back from the carolinas. Saw my bro a couple times. I've missed him a lot, so it was fun to hang with him and D and the SIL. We went out to eat at a meat and three. This is a fascinating southern phenomenon I never encountered as a child, at least not named such. You get a meat and three sides for a set price, and there's usually a dizzying array of sides to pick your three from. Uhn. Then we went to this little dessert place about 15 miles out of downtown Columbia, and it was cute, had good cheesecake and better cappuccino.

On the way home, we flew into houston and stopped off at the stock show to see Tim McGraw.

Tim sounded and looked a little under the weather, which he apologized for, but he's still the hottest man on earth, and it was a fine, fine thing, especially when combined with rodeo.

We saw Tracy Lawrence this week, too, and he sounded just like him, classy, hit every note, and you can tell Tim toured with him when Tim was a wee hat act. He picked up a good bit from Tracy Lawrence.

I think people who travel ought to have more gratitude. I mean, if you can afford to go and do and see, then you're better off than 90% of the world. Stop bitching about the blueberries not being fresh in a mid-price Holiday Inn. You didn't like having to sit through the rodeo to see a concert? Don't buy tickets to a rodeo concert. Save your money and go somewhere else. Rodeos are cheaper for the entertainment, no doubt. I get that. But that also means you get an hour of songs and two hours of rodeo. That also means that if you were dumb enough to pay for floor seats, the acoustics will suck. The rodeo arenas are not made so the people down on the arena floor can hear the announcer.

They're made so the crowd up in the stands can...

It just makes me insane.

Sure, we all bitch about some stuff. I hate it when it rains on me when I'm trying to tourist, but I know it's inevitable, so I take a hat and an umbrella. I hate rude people who cut in line, but I try not to make a fuss, even if I do growl under my breath. The thing is, I get free drinks from bartenders and extra food from waitresses and tables from maitre'ds in restaurants that were full because I'm nice. I'm patient. And I have a great joy in the fact that I get to go and see.

Remember, it goes both ways. People are unlikely to be nice to you if you expect more than they can give. And then scream about it.

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Alex Draven said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a grand trip :D