Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so, I figured it out

Food critic and super duper asshole at large, Alan Richman has summed up what it is about Yankees that makes me crazy and somewhat violent in his bile filled article about New Orleans:

"New Orleans has always been about food and music, with parades added to the mix. (In the North, where I come from, we like to think we’re about jobs and education, with sports thrown in.) Vulnerability goes along with loving the dinner table too much—think again of our old friends the French. It might sound harmless for a civilization to focus on food, but it’s enormously indulgent. Name a society that cherishes tasting menus and I’ll show you a people too portly to mount up and repel invaders."

(you can find the most amazingly insensitive article here: )

This is it, exactly. That sense of superiority. That fucking Puritan sense of entitlement. The idea that if you love life and love food and enjoy being who you are, you're stupid, ignorant, and less worthy.

Fuck that shit, and fuck him. How's that for succinct and articulate?

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Jean said...

That ass is not speaking for me, nor actually, most of the northerners I know.

Yes, I value my job and my education. But I also value an early Sunday dinner with friends and some wine and nowhere else to be.

What's wonderful about New Orleans (and I haven't even been there yet and somehow know this anyway) is that they value LIFE. That's what it's all about, buddy.

*moves to NOLA*