Friday, October 10, 2008

a case of unrelenting improvement

went to bed at midnight last night. Puppies got me up at 6:30

oh, y'all. Six and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep.

You have no idea. The period she is almost over, which I'm sure helps, and I only napped for an hour and a half yesterday, trying to wear myself out. Dude. I also found something guaranteed to make me sleep...


We went to a class last night, ostensibly to meet people, as this was sort of a cool, tattoo-loving rockabilly craft shop called Craft-O-Rama. I had never tried knitting, S has with little success.

well, the shop was cool, the instructor nice, if 15 years younger than us, but we were the only two who showed, so... so much for meeting people.

S had no more luck than before. She kept adding stitches as she turned, which I think is a product of bein left handed. Any lefties out there who can help her? I did okay, if not pretty work, and I admit, I don't love it like I do crochet or X stitch. But man, it puts me RIGHT to sleep. Who in hell needs antidepressants or sleeping pills when they can knit. Knit one, perl...zzzzzzzzz

Man, Sadie is deep throating her rawhide. Gag

grins. man, it's just amazing to have slept...


Mychael Black said...

YAY for sleep!

Heh, I tried knitting a long time ago. Gave up. LOL

Mabiana said...

Yay, a new fellow knitter! ;-)

I wished I could help with the stitch adding problem, but I'm not left-handed and from what I see in movies people in the US seem to handle the yarn differently, so I have trouble imagining what happens here... There are people who knit the last stitch of the row and put the first one after turning unknitted on the other needle, and those who don't knit the last one and knit the first one after turning - maybe it would help her to switch to the opposite version of how she is doing it now?

Chris said...

knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit