Thursday, October 9, 2008

Insomnia round 2345

Here I am at 8 am and I haven't been to bed yet. I've tried. I really have. I've also done data entry, written, and edited.


It's not like I'm not sleeping. I slept half the day yesterday, sleeping off the dizziness and quease, the swollen lymph nodes and the bad kidneys. I know it's a vicious cycle. sleep from 1-6 during the day, don't sleep at night... But if that's when my body lets me, I have to sleep sometime, right?

I just want to get back to normal, where the dark and quiet don't seem to be triggers for doubt and self-deprecation and worry


Chris said...


*hugs you*

I think you're awesome. I know those middle of the night horrors, though. God.

Are you able to take anything like Saint John's Wart?


Miss Alice said...

insomnia is a nightmare (literally) - can you rock the being-your-own-boss vibe enough to gradually work things round from crashing at 1pm to crashing at 1.30pm, 2, 2.30 and on?

(also - 5htp supplements?)

much sympathy.

Mabiana said...


Auntie Pooh said...

*smiles over*

There's also the option of telling the lying, two-faced, passive-aggressive, backstabbing assholes around you that you're going to rip their faces off and put said faces through a wood chipper!

I think this would reduce your personal stress level.

That and that lovely stubbly, eye-wrinkly cowboy from last night.

*nods happily*

Mychael Black said...

*hugs tight*