Monday, October 20, 2008

okay, lest y'all think life is all bad

It's not.

I've always been a frustration blogger. Back before weblogs, I kept paper diaries, filled with you done me wrong rambles, from pre-teen to college. I tend not to post about the good things, because when I'm happy I have no need to vent, right?

Still, it makes me a little uncomfortable to read my own damned blog sometimes, because really, I come off as the kind of unhappy harpy that I accuse other folks of being...

Unhappy harpy makes a great sound when spoken aloud. Say it 3 times fast...

So, what all is good today?

Had lunch with Myc, had a nap, some arepas, snuggling with bassets, went to the craft store and bought amazing yarn, got some word count in.

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Mychael Black said...

Lunch was AWESOME. I haven't laughed and had that much fun with adults in a long time. LOL Thanks for a great time. :)