Saturday, August 23, 2008

adventures in food shopping

where is all the Chinese hot mustard? especially gluten free?

However, we did get some lovely peaches, some zucchini, summer squash, onions and black eyed peas and green beans at the farmer's market. The peaches are yummy

So are macaroons in a can. Jennie's Macaroons come in a can, and they're gluten and dairy free. They're kind of amazing.

Had a yummy breakfast taco at the Central Market, which is like a Whole Foods. There was soy yogurt (o.O) and more gluten free pretzels and all manner of fun stuff, but the best part was going to the local grocery and having the deli folks be incredibly nice when we got meat and asked them to wipe down the machine, just in case... They were very, very cool

okay, I give up. Off to bed

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Jean said...

That is very cool of them. Around here we'd get an eye roll. Damn Yankees. ;-)