Thursday, August 21, 2008

the ups and downs

the new diabetes diet has its ups and downs

Up? We're not hardly eating out at all, and even though the grocery bill has gone up, we're saving money. Before, we were buying groceries and tossing half of them, because we would get in a hurry and order chinese or pizza, or go get hamburgers

Down? Trying to come up with something to eat every two hours. Not a problem, you say? You used to eat every five minutes. Well, yeah, but chips and dip and Snickers are not an option now ;)

Up? I'm rarely hungry. I mean, by the time I eat again, I'm ready, but I don't have those gnawing, your body is killing itself hungry times

Down? I rarely have that wonderful feeling of anticipation for food. Like the excitement of trying a new restaurant, or going out to have that special birthday meal

Up? My sugars are down nearly 400 points in 3 weeks, without drugs or insulin

Down? I really want a Snickers

Now, lest you think the downs outweigh the ups, let me tell you about arepas. Venezuelan corn cakes, fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. There's rice flour tempura, with veggies and tofu, where the tofu actually tastes good. Light and fluffy and crunchy.

tonight was a chicken salad mediterraean, with olives and artichoke hearts and veggies and a little goat cheese for me (not dairy free girl) . It was yummy.

In other news, I still think most people suck. I'm sick to death of criticisms that are about axe grinding and not about anything real. I know, I know, when it comes from the same three or four people, even people who know nothing about the situation have to wonder what their deal is, but it's still hard to see, day in and day out, especially when most of these people wouldn't know me if I whacked them with one of our books out in the street (which is tempting).

Bah. I need to just go work and shut up. I'm grumpy and tired


Miss Alice said...

Sounds like a very full-on change - go you for sticking with it! Those figures are impressive! (the prospect of trying to come up with something to eat every two hours while commuting and in an office is scary - extra bonus points for the whole 'owning your own business' plan, huh?)

Jean said...

That sounds awesome. I can tell you that I plan to stick with some of the elements of the diet I'm on even after I have the baby because in some ways I actually do feel healthier. But yeah, I only eat six times a day and even that is a challenge. Every two hours must be seriously taxing the creativity. ;-)

Me? I want a coke. *sigh*