Thursday, August 14, 2008


really. this is the second month where my female business has hit so hard that I would just as soon die as do anything. Luckily, this month I'm not on a plane, but I'm pretty miserable.

I need to get with the promo. Been falling down on that all over. Really, everyone needs to get with the promo. Been a slow month so far

The protein drink for breakfast? foul. I need to add some agave syrup next time. Yeesh. The problem is that it really is the best way for me to get protein early in the day without having an egg. The chocolate is better than the berry, but wow.

/me makes note to have S ask doctor what to do for 38 year old hormones and cramps;)


Mabiana said...

I hope you feel better soon and the hormones behave better next month!

Miss Alice said...

When I was doing the protein bar thing, I always found that the more 'natural' the flavour was supposed to be, the less I could stand the taste, so lemon meringue cheesecake was better than fake fruit, and so on. Agave is truly fabulous, though!

L said...

nodnod. It is. The dark is a great stand in for syrup, and the light just adds sweet. I love it!

Jean said...

I need to get with the promo for the YA stuff. Let me know if there is anything planned, I'll jump on that wagon!